Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Time

To honest, I was a little bit dreading summer time...I mean Andy is home, and usually is bored, and it would be the first time I would have all 4 kids, all day, for a long time. But, it hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected. We started off with Memorial Day where a bunch of families from our ward met at the beach. The kids played together and even my friend Stacy and I got to go boogie board by ourselves without kids!! It was beautiful! I was a little nervous with Bea there, but we just kept her in the shade, and she was good.

 Andy playing with lots of friends!


Ivy as a chef...seriously when can they cook for themselves??

Bea loves her some tummy time. She hasn't lost any hair so far and she is already almost 10 weeks. Maybe we lucked out there!

Andy had is last day of school. He loved Kindergarten but is definitely ready for 1st grade.

Living here is kinda sad in a way, because most of our friends are Military, so they usually are only here for a short time. This is our friends the Kimseys, we watched the kids while they packed up and moved. The good part is, most of the families like it here so they plan on coming back!

Tim had to go to New York last minute for work for a week, so we were able to have my Mom come out and stay with the kids so I could meet him there for a few days. It was so fun and so great of my Mom to be able to come and stay. The kids were sad to see her go, but I'm sure she was in need of some rest!
She brought with her my tea set as a kid and we had a tea party with the kids. They loved it and were cracking up the whole time!

The first night Bea and I got there, we went to Times Square and walked around there and ate in Hell's Kitchen.

Since we went there straight from the Airport, we had to lug the car seat around with Bea. She was a trooper most of the time. This is Tim in front of the Disney store in Times Square. 

Bea in Times Square.

Before I got there, Tim went to the I was able to go one night while Tim had Bea. When the nearest temple to you is 4 hrs away, anytime you can go, you have to jump on the chance. Plus, it's fun to go to different temples, and the Manhattan one is so cool and different. I was figuring out that we had been to 7 different temples...Mesa, San Diego, Memphis, Orlando, Atlanta, Salt Lake and Manhattan.

The new World Trade Center. While Tim was working I went to see this and the 9/11 Memorial. I had been to NYC before with our family girls' trip and it was before 9/11 had happened, so this was one thing I hadn't seen that I really wanted to go to. It was really neat.

The Memorial was made in the footprints of the original buildings with all of the names of those who died engraved around the fountains. And, there is a tree for each person. It's really cool.

Waiting for the Subway. Thank goodness for Tim who can read maps and figure out all of that stuff because I am CLUELESS. 

Central Park was so pretty and HUGE!


We went to the Schwartz Toy store with the big piano from the move BIG.

Rockefeller Center... 

Inside the Rockefeller building, we went to the top and it was really cool.

When we were waiting for the elevator, Tim said he felt like he was going on Tower of Terror...way too many trips to Disney Parks for the Vanderwalker Family.

The view from the "Top of the Rock".

Poor little Bea, she was wasted.

Ivy and Bea...twin clothes:)

All of the girls...I can't believe I have 3!

Bea, she got these ridiculously cute know the kind that they'll wear once and they only go with one outfit. So you HAVE to take a picture or what a waste :)

We almost made it through swim lessons...3 hrs because they are ALL in them. I am exhausted by the end, and so is Bea, but they are doing really well. 

Miss Beth is in our ward. Even Ivy is doing good and can make it back to the wall and can float on her back. Minnie and Andy have gotten so much better than last year.

Coming up we have Bea's baby blessing which Tim's family will be here for, lots of beach trips and hopefully a quick summer!